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| Natural Hair Rebel | Dipbrow Pomade Review
DIPBROW Pomade in Dark Brown
I know we have been seeing Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics filling our timelines all over the social network arena with every beauty/makeup personality rocking some bad ass eyebrows.  Well ladies I've jumped that bandwagon a few months ago, and honestly don't know why I didn't try this earlier.

Before I decided to try this pomade, I would fill my brows in with a pencil in dark brown.  Using a pencil works well and could look just as good as using the pomade, if you know how to correctly shade in your eyebrows.  Creating flawless eyebrows isn't easy for everyone, we have all seen those dreadful pictures floating around the net of those unfortunate souls walking around with Nike checks for brows, and some of those females may be your friends.  Sidenote: If you let your friend walk out like that you aren't a true friend.

| Natural Hair Rebel | Dipbrow Pomade Review
Disclaimer: This product was not sponsored and was purchased by me hubby.  All thoughts and expressive excitement were that of my own. 
| Natural Hair Rebel | Dipbrow Pomade Review
I wanted to step my brow game up, so I bit the bullet I had hubby shell out the $18 bucks for the infamous magical brow pomade.  I honestly can say that it was the best makeup purchase I have made in a while.  I love this stuff over pencil for a few reasons, which I have listed below. 
  1. Waterproof
  2. Smudge proof  
  3. Long-lasting  
  4. A little goes a long way
  5. Creamy texture
  6. Easy to work with
Raise your hand if you have ever forgotten that you had your fierce brow game on and you took the back of your hand and wiped half of your damn face off.  I know I'm not the only one.  Thats when a severe panic attack sets in, which is then followed by an immediate sprint to the nearest mirror.  Since this pomade is water and smudge proof, you don't have to worry about walking about town looking like Peter Griffin that time he had a stroke.  If you make that mistake of brushing your hand against your brow, it will be in tact and there will be no minor cardiac attacks taking place.  

It really does last all day, when the rest of my makeup looks old and oily, my eyebrows stay on point.  This stuff was truly made where unicorns and majestic elves frolic.  It's truly amazing how long the pomade actually stays on.  I have very oily skin, so being able to maintain perfect unbothered brows at the end of the day is amazing.  Not only does it last all day, very little product can go a very long way and if used correctly, you won't be rushing out to buy another for a while.  Since it lasts for a long time the $18 begins to pay for itself.  It has a creamy texture so picking up product with your angled brush is a breeze.  There is no need to load your brush because it is so highly pigmented the smallest amount is just enough.  Even though the texture is creamy it does quickly turn into a satin finish upon your skin, and with proper application creates the illusion that you were blessed with brows from the Gods.    

With that said, can you tell that I really like love this stuff?  It's truly amazing and if you haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend getting your hands on some.  You won't regret it.

There are other options to get perfect brows if you're on a budget, and $18 just isn't worth it. I mentioned earlier that I used pencil, I would suggest trying a pencil which can be much cheaper. Just keep in mind it takes more than just a pencil or any eyebrow pomade to create great brows. You also need certain tools (i.e. angle brush, concealer) to help you create those bad ass brows along the way.  Until next time, tot ziens.

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