Monday, March 30, 2015

style | zara slippers

|Natural Hair Rebel| Zara slip-on tasseled shoes
Zara | Slip-on tassel shoes
You guys!!! I have found the perfect shoes, and I've been rocking them for a month now. I cannot get enough of these Zara stunners. They are so darn comfortable, and oh so stylish.
When I saw these beauties posing on the shelf in Zara, I couldn't help but to do a slow but steady jog, as to not draw attention to my overly excited self, so I could admire their beauty even closer. They were everything. They are so different; color, style, shape, even the heal is interesting. 

|Natural Hair Rebel| Zara slip-on tasseled shoes
Zara | Tassel detail.  High-gloss finish.

|Natural Hair Rebel| Zara slip-on tasseled shoes
Zara | Silver-toned square heel.

|Natural Hair Rebel| Zara slip-on tasseled shoes
Zara | Slip-on with tassel.
The hubs was so determined to get the burgundy pair for me that he was highly disappointed (ok, well maybe he wasn't that disappointed) when he saw they no longer had my size online. I almost shed a tear because with Zara, once it's gone, it's gone.  Which I had quickly learned when I missed out on a deal for a coat I have been longing after. I was on a Zara strike that lasted about four days, when I flung open my laptop and said, "screw it, it wouldn't hurt to look!", and there they were, my size that had been previously sold out, was now available again. So needless to say they make me happy, so happy in fact, I've ordered the burgundy pair. Until next time, tot ziens.

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