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hair | camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner review camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner
Hey beauties, so if you aren't familiar with Camille Rose Naturals products then I suggest you get your self familiar with this. Let's just be clear, I'm down for anything Shea Moisture because that's the majority of what's in my hair arsenal and it's oh so good. So I stepped out on my fave to give this bad boy a try and I must say, I love it!

It is extremely creamy and glides effortlessly on my wet hair. The smell is of fresh cocoa and sweet Shea butter. The fragrance is so soft and light, it makes me want to slather my entire body in it. It does have a slight greasiness to it, but that is to be expected, because it is chalked full of healthy hair butters and oils, such as coconut, Shea, and cocoa butter. The consistency is very thick, smooth and it is light green in appearance, which may be due to the addition of blue green algae. According to Camille Rose Naturals Blue green Algae is rich in Vitamin B, and assists with hair cell regrowth, stops shedding/breakage which results in stronger and longer hair for those who are looking to grow their hair. camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner
Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner
This product couldn't have found me at a better time. I thought I fried my hair with an impromptu flat iron session. My hair wasn't completely dry. I know, I know what an idiot. I already completed the back and by the time I reached the front, I realized it wasn't entirely dry. I said, "Screw it!" 35 minutes and countless sizzles later my hair was a big frizzy mess. Only the Lord knows I thought it was over for my hair. camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner

Once I applied the deep conditioner to my wet hair, I let it penetrate my hair shaft for approximately 10 minutes or the length of my shower. During that time I cleared out any tangles using my fingers and followed up with my Denman brush. Let me just say that this product was dreamy. The pure fact that it was able to thoroughly clarify and soften my hair in under 5 minutes is truly amazing. My hair never felt so soft and that was before I even had the chance to wash it out. After I washed it out, it still felt soft and super conditioned. My hair was laid, literally. After applying my conditioner my curls bounced right back as if I never fried the life out of it. camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner

Now I give this product two thumbs up and a snap, but that doesn't mean there aren't any cons. The one thing I must gripe about, is the price. It is $18 $20* for only 8 oz. of product. I honestly think that is a bit steep. Fortunately for me I'm always around for a great deal and I was able to pick up two of these containers on clearance for $8.98 each. That's right, two for the price of one! I try to keep my dolls up to date with all of my finds, so make sure to follow me on Insta <-- I have to keep my sistas fly in these streets with their pockets deep. Haha, I'm such a loser. I must admit however, that after this experience with Camille Rose Naturals I wouldn't mind trying some of their other products. 

I was not compensated for my opinions/review and this product was purchased by yours truly, and not sent for review. Hope you found this review helpful and I would like to know of your experiences with this company and some products you think I should try next by leaving your comment below. Until next time, tot ziens.

*Price was recently increased

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